TIK Program

TUNING IN TO KIDS TM Emotionally Intelligent Parenting

is a Preventative Program

Targeting emotional communication in parent-child relationships

Emotionally intelligent parenting helps children learn to understand and regulate their emotions

This program is for parents, teachers,  dads, men’s groups, women’s groups, domestic violence groups, anger groups, parents of children with behavioural problems, children experiencing family changes and so on


Why is Emotional Intelligence important?

Children with greater emotional intelligence have been shown to:

  • have greater success making friendships and be more able to manage conflict
  • have better concentration, which means they are more likely to be successful academically
  • be more able to self soothe when upset or angry
  • tend to have fewer childhood illnesses
  • have more stable and satisfying relationships as adulsts
  • have greater career success … emotional intelligence may be a better predictor of academic and career success than IQ!

When parents focus on helping their child learn about emotions, the child is more likely to have higher emotional intelligence.


The Tune in to Kids program teaches parents:

  • Awareness and regulation of their own emotions
  • Awareness of their children’s emotions
  • to use children’s emotional experiences as opportunity for closeness and teaching
  • skills in assisting children to verbally label their emotions
  • skills in assisting children in problem solving
  • to guide children’s behaviour with appropriate limits

Research shows when parents learn these parenting skills it is related to improvement in children’s emotional competence, social skills and behaviour.

In this parenting program parents are taught how to help develop these skills with their children.

CONTACT me if you have any questions regarding the program, or would like to register your interest, your schools or other community group interest.

Dianne Mead

Educating, Inspiring & Empowering Adults & Children

Certified Program Facilitator for “Tuning in to Kids” parent program

Mindful, Centre for Training and Research in  Developmental Health, Psychiatric Dept, The Melbourne University, Australia.



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