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Welcome to my Cyber World ~ EBA  for Kids  

Emotional Behavioural Awareness Education for Kids

Hi there!

My name is Dianne Mead.

You may wish to learn more about me, my experience and qualifications via my main website.

In the meantime, among a host of other things, I am most importantly a mother.

I live in Australia with my beautiful son Sam who is a teenager.

As well as being a mum I am an educator, consultant, artist and visionary, advocate for justice and reform, and presenter on local radio.

But, even more than that, I am sensitive and compassionate whilst firm and fair strengthened with passion and conviction for improving quality of life and enhancing well being not only for myself but my son and fellow man.

That’s where emotional and behavioural awareness and relationships come into play.

The relationship with ourselves, I consider paramount to our well being, and then of course the relating ship we have with others.

This segment of the website is dedicated to relationships between adults and children.

Whether you are a parent or not, as a society, we all have a responsibility to our youth.

Whether you like it or not, have children or not, we are all role models…


Being a parent is demanding whilst very rewarding.

It is a responsibility that once bestowed upon one, you never escape but why would you want to?

Or would you?

Only joking 🙂

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned since becoming a parent, is remembering I am also a teacher. That we’re all teachers.

Oh, and most importantly … to enjoy life!

In every aspect of the meaning in every moment of presence as well as during our interactions we are teaching… something…

What we need to consider, or in today’s vogue vocabulary “be mindful of” is what it is we are teaching…

Let’s face it, kids have a way of pushing buttons. Perhaps you’ve never thought of it that way? The visual of a button being pushed that is. At times, just like an on off switch, such can be receptivity …

Perhaps you’ve only ever looked at it from a point of frustration and annoyance, or perhaps mis-behaviour and tantrums.

So many kids are misunderstood simply because they’ve managed to push a button in the adult that codifies a particular reaction. Sometimes a reaction that was once played out on the adult when they were a child, a learned behaviour.

Maybe you can relate better with the explanation of emotional patterns that seem to replay throughout your life. At the flick of a switch. Even a dismissive reaction is an emotional pattern. Once again learned.

Perhaps you were once one of these kids that was misunderstood?

Welcome to a new generation of education and parenting… based around better understanding emotion and through such… YOU. It’s a mindful approach.

I like to call it EBA Education which is short for Emotional Behavioural Awareness Education.

TIK is a program developed by the psychiatric department of the University of Melbourne. The program is based around Emotional Intelligence which forms a large component of EBA.

If you join the journey then you’ve joined the EBA Movement and EBA Shift, terms I’ve coined.

There’s no place for judgement if you’re involved in the EBA Movement. Being part of the movement will ensure your EBA Shift and that’s something to be proud of. What a wonderful gift to live each day and teach your kids.

Welcome Aboard!

Okay, in time I’ll pop up the Manual so you can purchase it and I’m looking at running sessions online in the future.

If you’re interested in the manual or doing the TIK program pop me a message through the Contact tag.

Make sure you register on both this site and the EBA Educationand site. They offer different information. You don’t want to miss out.




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