Disclosure and Copyright


Content on this site includes studies and research,  opinion and experience and is shared for the purpose of spreading information, education and raising awareness to equip people to make more informed and educated decisions.

Your individual circumstances are exactly that and I implore you to gain as much information from as many  sources as possible when making decisions about yours, your children or your families health care, welfare, well being and other needs.

This site has affiliations through which it has potential to earn commissions from sales of products or services provided through those associations.

This site is associated to the DianneMead.com site and the information under the Policy Page of that site applies to this and associated sites.



The contents of this site are copyright and unless there is reference to another person or entity, or explicit instruction otherwise, permission to reproduce is withheld until you obtain written confirmation.

You are permitted and encouraged to share our links on the basis credit is given.

Information contained within this site is provided as a result of personal study, investigation, training, personal insight and expertise.

It is for reference and education purposes for the intention of sharing knowledge and information.

You are responsible for your conduct and personal choices and indemnify the author and any associated entity against any loss or damage resulting from your decisions. In this regard you will not pursue any legal ramification against the author or any associated entity.

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