Organisations Supporting Kids

Organisations Supporting Kids

Our children are unique and make an important contribution to society. Each child and young person is a citizen.

They are valuable because of who they are today, who they will become and the society they co-create.

They are  entitled to expect their rights will be respected, essential needs met and their voices heard.

The community as a whole needs to take responsibility.

Concerted action by everyone will open up opportunities for all, not just the fortunate or particular race, sect or demographic.

Deciding to make a difference or attempting to “fix” what  is  harming or disadvantaging children,  young people and families can mean crossing into  areas where progress may be difficult.

You are not alone.

Resourceful Links to People and Organisations Making a Difference

Daniel Morcombe – July 2016 NEWSLETTER


Kids Matter (Government Mental Health Initiative – Primary School Students)

MindMatters (Government Mental Health Initiative – Secondary School Students)

Headspace (National Youth Mental Health Foundation)

Change for Children

Think you Know

The Line



Kids Health



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